The Camp Conquest Endowment initiated as the Rev. Robert Kern Memorial Fund provides scholarship opportunities for children and teens to experience positive life change in the camp setting. Additionally, this fund will provide for the ongoing and future needs of the camp ministry.


Why is endowment important to our mission?

At Camp Conquest we believe that a week of summer camp is the most powerful tool to initiate positive change in the lives of today’s children and teens. We believe that a week of volunteer service by an adult at summer camp can be the most meaningful, the most fruitful, and the most personally fulfilling investment of time when considering making an impact in the lives of the children who will become the leaders of the next generation. An endowment moves belief to reality and carries donor impact into perpetuity.

What is the current balance of the Endowment?

As of January 2020 the Endowment has a balance of $333,000.

How much does the Endowment contribute each year to the Campership Fund?

An annual contribution of 4% is made to the Campership Fund to help financially needy children attend summer camp.

What is the goal for the Endowment?

The board of Camp Conquest has set a goal of $500,000 for the Kern Memorial Fund.

How will the goal be reached?

  • Every year, Camp Conquest participates in the Extra Ordinary Give in Lancaster County. https://extragive.org/ We set aside a majority of the gifts received that day for the endowment.
  • Individual donors also contribute directly to this fund so their gift can be continue to bless children at camp years after they can no longer participate.