Who We Are

At Camp Conquest, we believe that a week of summer camp is the best tool for evangelism and discipleship available to the church today. So we engage volunteers to help children and teens develop into the leaders of tomorrow with a focus on serving their community for Christ. As we read in Ephesians 4:12 – We have all been equipped with various gifts for serving others in order to build up the body of Christ. If you want to use your gifts to help young people reach their potential, and you enjoy doing that in the camp setting, then join us today as we seek to Change Lives and Be Changed!



Why Camp Conquest?

Camp Conquest Summer Camp Programs are designed with purpose. It is our intention to develop volunteers who will walk alongside campers on their journey to “know Christ and make Him known.” Our volunteer adults take a week of vacation to help your child develop new skills and build lasting relationships.

Camp Conquest Guest Group Ministry focuses on helping your church accomplish your ministry objectives. We treat your staff as staff and work to help them maximize your retreat experience.

Statement of Core Values

  • Engaging volunteers in ministry
  • Honoring our Grace Brethren heritage
  • Sound Biblical Teaching and Quality Creation-Oriented Education
  • Well Maintained and Clean Facilities and Grounds
  • Quality Programs Emphasizing a Distraction Free Environment
  • Evangelism via Personal Relationships and Outdoor Experiences
  • Discipleship via Mentoring and Coaching in the Camp Setting
  • Fun and Safe Environment Focused on Children and Teens
  • Ongoing Growth and Learning at Every Level in the Organization
  • Increasingly Positive Impact and Relationship with our Community and Church Fellowship

What do we believe?

Camp Conquest is a ministry of the Charis Fellowship (https://charisfellowship.us/). As such we have strongly held religious beliefs and practices. Camp Conquest has adopted the Charis Commitment to Common Identity as our statement of faith. We also affirm and hold true the Fellowship’s Position Statements on current social issues. We ask that all staff, volunteers, and guest groups respect these beliefs by not teaching or behaving in any way contrary to those beliefs while on site.

Seasonal Staff, Volunteers, and Guest Groups (who run their own programs)

Camp Conquest asks that all those who serve at camp affirm the following:

  • We require that you agree with:
    • Part 1: The Center, and
    • Part 2: The Evangelical Core.
  • We ask that you respect:
    • Part 3: Our Charis Identity and
    • Our position statements on current social issues.

Guest Groups (who participate in Camp Conquest run programs)

  • We ask that you respect
    • Part 1: The Center, and
    • Part 2: The Evangelical Core, and
    • Part 3: Our Charis Identity and
    • Our position statements on current social issues.