Wish List

Item  Amount Comment
Day Use Activity center  $200,000.00

 This is the amount required to begin the project.

Pond/silt pond dredging, bridge expansion, dam repair  $50,000.00

The pond is filled with silt. Will require DEP permit to clean up.

Asphalt paving behind barn  $11,000.00

Major erosion problem. Temporary measures in place.

Pool cover  $6,500.00

Currently using 6 mil plastic. Intensive job to remove in spring

John Deere gator (used)  $5,000.00

Our old gator is beyond reasonable repair.

Snowblower attachment for skidsteer  $5,000.00

To attachment would greatly expedite snow removal

Roof materials for storage bins( for implement storage)  $3,000.00

Current Concrete bins with a roof would allow for winter storage

Rotovac carpet cleaner  $2,500.00

We currently outsource this task. Proper equipment required.

Plants/bushes for steep embankment landscaping  $2,000.00

Embankment on Driveway to Lodges built in 2006 landscaping

Sprecher meeting room carpet  $2,000.00

2006 lodge meeting room carpet showing its age

Chlorination system for Sprecher/Lutz well  $1,500.00

DEP requirement to replace current  UV light disinfection

Generator 8000 watt for Sprecher lodge  $1,500.00

Camp uses several portable units during outage.

Trees 2″ caliber ( need 12)  $1,000.00

Tree replacement in camp.

Salt spreader for truck hitch  mount  $800.00

This attachment would simplify this task now done by hand

Roof materials for Mnt office stairs  $800.00

Roof over landing to my office.

Treated lumber for hammock yurt project  $500.00

Camp program project

Drainage pipe 36″ for chute project (need 4)  $500.00

Camp program project

Steel door for craft cabin replacement  $500.00

Replacement door hinged on opposite side

Corkyl boat storage rack (for 12 Corkyls)  $500.00

Camp program project

Outdoor picnic benches – composite material  $500.00

Wood Benches are  showing their age

Rope lights and UF cable for swing near barn  $200.00

Evening usage enhancement

Commercial Upright vacuum cleaners  (need 4)  $175.00

Our vacuums are 10+  and are ready for replacement.

Router and router table  $150.00

Shop tool

Dehumidifiers (need 2)  $150.00

Used in lodges in summer

Paint 5 gallon pails for exterior buildings (need 3)  $130.00

Always need paint

Window AC units 5000 btu (need 2)  $125.00

Used in bunkhouses

Shower benches ( need 8)  $125.00

Shower areas in lodges

Room darkening shades for Sprecher meeting room  $100.00

6 windows in meeting room for daytime video projecting.