Community Pool Days

Our pool is open! Families are invited to spend an afternoon at the Camp Conquest pool.

Thursdays and Fridays

June 25 – Sept 4, 2020

1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Reservation Required

Hours subject to change due to weather or private rental groups.

Contact the Camp office with questions at 717-336-2678.

Details & Pricing

  • Cost: $5 per person, per day. Due upon arrival. Cash only. All guests must pay entry fee regardless of age or intent to swim.
  • Limited Guests: Please register online before coming to camp. New dates will become available three weeks out.
  • Reservations Required
  • Guests must arrive prior to 4pm. Guests can remain at the pool for the entire 4 hour period.
  • Park at Gym/Office area and take wood steps up to pool.
  • Lifeguards will be on duty.
  • Any individual 12 and under must complete a swim test to swim in the deep end of the pool. Any individual who does not pass the swim test must stay in the shallow end. See a lifeguard when you arrive to take the test.
  • Bring your own lawn chair.
  • Bring your own drinking water.
  • COVID-19 Precautions
    • Guests should not come to camp if they have had any symptoms of COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to coming to camp.
    • Camp Conquest reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone displaying symptoms of illness.
    • Guests are expected to follow CDC guidelines while on camp property.
    • Masks are not required in the pool area.
    • Guests should practice physical-distancing by family group.
    • Pool restrooms will be open. We have scheduled routine cleaning of high contact surfaces.
    • All other camp facilities are closed unless prior reservations are made with the Guest Group Coordinator.

Pool Rules

  1. Not permitted: Pets, smoking, or alcohol
  2. Children age 15 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  3. Modest swimsuit policy (Males: boxer/board short style swimsuit. Females: swimsuit that covers the torso – no cleavage, no bare mid-section, etc.) See full dress code.
  4. No food in the pool area. (Follow all other posted guidelines)

Dress Code Policy

Camp Conquest believes the scriptures teach that a believer is to dress in such a way that attention is not drawn to the body (I Peter 3:1-4).  The Word of God makes it clear that modesty must be the believer’s rule of thumb. Our purpose is to keep the total camping program in line with what we believe the Scriptures teach. Therefore, the following dress code will be enforced:

  • The camp reserves the right to define and enforce the meaning of the term “modest”.
  • Tight fitting clothes will not be worn at any time.
  • Swimming attire: Girls must wear a swimsuit that covers the torso. (no cleavage, no bare mid-section, etc.) Boys are not permitted to wear bikini trunks. The camp reserves the right to restrict swimming privileges if a modest swimsuit is not worn.
  • Shorts must be at least fist length.
  • Suggestive clothing (i.e. see thru styles, low cut blouses, halter or spaghetti straps, or fashions with exposed mid-riffs are not acceptable).
  • Clothing with objectionable slogans or pictures are not allowed.
  • All clothing is to be modest in style and not draw attention to the body.