Cop Crack Down - Really?

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I think we might have things backwards or upside down. When did we start to vilify the heroes and make heroes out of the villains? The recent backlash against our law enforcement officers is another symptom of a degenerating society. Yes, the police are not always right, but should we not start from the premise that they are genuinely concerned for the well-being of our community and the actions taken by them are an expression of that concern.

Budget Bill Drama

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Why is it that every year, we have to listen to all the posturing from our elected officials concerning the national budget? At some point we need to accept our responsibilities, painful though they may be and bring our budget into balance. At Camp Conquest, a Christian Camp and Retreat Center in central Pennsylvania, we work under a balanced budget every year. A sovereign God directs generous donors to join our team and provide necessary funds to offer excellent programs at discount rates so that many young people can hear about and experience the love of God in a camp setting.